My work is mostly photography based, with some mixed media pieces in between. I'm interested in the notions of personal freedom vs cultural norms, relating also to women's issues and feminine experience. Another big theme for me is the concept of reality, how it is perceived and filtered, and how it is in constant fluctuation between me and you and between what was and what will be.

 I'm intrigued and fascinated by the technical aspects of the photographic medium, and in my work I seek to experiment with and push the boundaries of conventional photographic technique. My process of mechanical experimentation (in camera) combined with digital experimentation in the post processing phase, frees the photograph from the constraints of documenting reality as we usually know it.



Sofie Pihl is a danish-italian visual artist based in Copenhagen.

Her work has been represented in 3 solo shows, and in numerous juried and not juried group shows, both in Denmark and abroad. Of the juried group shows, it's worth mentioning Kunstnernes Påskeudstilling KP14 in Aarhus, Story of the Creatives, SEE Exhibition Space in New York and Exposure Photography Award, Musée du Louvre, Paris. For the exhibition list, click here.

Sofie Pihl's work is also included in two curated art books, and she has published a portfolio book with her series Treescapes. For details, click here.

 Alongside her art practice, Sofie Pihl is currently studying Art History at Copenhagen University.

She is a trained classical musician, and has completed her studies at the Conservatory of Music in Bologna, Italy. She studied at the Royal Danish Academy of the Arts’ School of Architecture in 2002-2005, and has since then worked as a fine art / and freelance photographer.

Sofie Pihl lives just outside Copenhagen with her husband and their two daughters.


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